By invitation only

Experience the future of communication

Own an Emerge Wave-1

Stay connected with someone you miss across distance - through sight, sound, and bare hand touch

Provide feedback to help shape multi-sensory communication

Early access

Bring multi-sensory communication home

  • Feel like you're there

    The Emerge Wave-1 unlocks a calm, private virtual space where you can see, hear, and feel the people you miss — wherever you are in the world

  • Reach beyond the screen

    Feel the distance disappear as you hold their hands, recreate handshakes, and remind each other that you're just within arm's reach in Emerge

  • Bond over new experiences

    Create memories with unique multi-sensory experiences designed to help you feel closer together — mindful breathing, music, and more


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What is included in my purchase?

By purchasing an Emerge Wave-1, you'll be invited to Emerge's multi-sensory communication app, where you can see, hear, and feel someone at a distance.

Owning a device also allows you to provide product feedback and shape the future of communication.

A Meta Quest 2 headset is required and not included in purchase.

How many devices do I need?

Like phone calls, multi-sensory communication requires at least two devices.

To participate in Emerge early access, you'll need to purchase one device for yourself, and we'll include a second device for someone you want to stay connected with from a distance. We'll coordinate with you upon purchase.

Can I purchase a device for someone else?

If you've been invited to Emerge early access, you can purchase a device for yourself and you'll receive another one for the person(s) you want to stay connected with from a distance.

You may not purchase a device for someone outside of the program.

Can I invite people to Emerge early access?

If someone other than the person(s) you want to connect with is interested in joining Emerge early access, please share this application.

Which platforms does Emerge support?

The Emerge Wave-1 device currently supports the Emerge multi-sensory communication app found on Meta Quest 2 (and soon, Quest 3).

We'll be expanding support for other AR/VR and Smart TV platforms in the near future.

We do not support third-party apps at this time.

Do you have a refund/return policy?

If you think multi-sensory communication isn't for you after 90 days, you may request a refund and return via